x86 BlackJack

I have added betting!

As I didn't want to brute force my way through this task, implementation took about 4 hours this time, most trouble was figuring out an efficient way of presenting the player's money (and trying to navigate my code, hehe...)
Money is stored in a save file: If you have no money, the house provides; If you have no money after a hand, you get kicked out!
Pressing [m] allows you to see how much money you have (had to perform a Decimal to ASCII conversion, which you can see shows 100s, 10s and 1s)
You can double down!
Blackjack provides 3/2 times your bet (or rounded approximation)
The test images below will show you what's up:
(I also spent a bit of time making the final product look prettier)

Soft 17 means dealer stands on A[6] - where 6 is the final value of the dealer's other 4 cards.
This means the dealer doesn't get the chance to increase their hand to 21, reducing house edge by ~0.2%.
I have not played my game enough to notice what I actually implemented, and tbh, I've forgotten my intended implemenation
(probably Hard 17 but idk lol)

Addendum 2:
It's stand on Soft 17...
~0.2%, nice

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Reference Manual Ascii Chart