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BARTLETT, Richard & Lydia (nee QUESTED)
1841 to New South Wales

Richard Bartlett was born in Marden, Kent, England in about 1812 to Richard Bartlett and Ann Payne. He married Lydia Quested [b. 1821 Hythe (incorrectly recorded as Hive), Kent] in Aldington in 1839, the daughter of Cephas Quested and Sarah Berry, her father's second wife. [One of Cephas's sons from his first marriage (Cephas Quested Jnr) was leader of a band of smugglers called the Aldington Gang. He was captured with a number of his gang members and executed at the Old Bailey in 1821.]

The 1841 Census for Sellridge (or Sellindge??) finds Richard Bartlett aged 25, Ag. labourer with wife Lydia aged 20 and daughter Sarah aged 11 months, living at a cottage near Mount Pleasant.

On 26 December 1841, Richard (29), Lydia (21) and their 18 month old daughter, Sarah Ann arrived into Port Jackson from London on the LALLA ROOKH. Richard's occupation is given as a farm labourer, his age 29, his religion was Protestant, he could read and write, and his native place was Marden, Kent. Lydia, a servant, is also listed as being able to read and write but it is doubtful as at the time of her marriage, Richard is recorded as signing his name whilst she made her mark.

Shipping Intelligence in the Sydney Herald reported
From London, yesterday having left Plymouth the 1st September, the barque Lalla Rookh, Capt. Kenny, with 203 emigrants, under the superintendence of D. Hansard, M.D. ...
The Lalla Rookh, from Plymouth, brings 203 emigrants, all of whom have arrived in good health. She passed the Lady Kennaway last Sunday off Curtis' Island, from Sydney bound for India. There were eight births, and one child died during the voyage. (27 Dec 1841)

The Bartletts were brought out by the agent, Alexander Campbell Esq at a cost of £38. It appears that Richard was first employed by Mr John Monaghan of Mayfield (Shoalhaven) as a farm hand, subsequently moving to Mr W Graham at Greenhill then to David Berry at Numba. He finally took up land at Tomerong (about 20 kms south of Nowra) in 1851.

The Barletts had another 11 children between 1842 and 1865: Matilda b. 1842, Richard b. 1844, Rachel b. 1846 d. 1850, Edmund b. 1849, James Watson b. 1960, Stephen b. 1852, Rachel Elizabeth b. 1855, Alfred b. 1857, Lydia b. 1860 d. 1860, William Edward b. 1862 and Joseph b. 1865.

In 1859, the Bartlett selection is described as
not a very rich one, and there was no school for many miles to go to nor money to pay for it if there was. ("Father Shepherd", Roberts, Rev. S.C., The Shoalhaven News, 8 Jan 1921) Sometime in the next ten years, they moved to a farm in Terara (approx. 5 kms from Nowra and 80kms south of Wollongong) with the Electoral Roll for Shoalhaven 1870-71 listing Richard Bartlett, senior (with Richard jnr) as residents of the area.

In 1875, Lydia made the news:
On thursday last, a report was current in town, that Mrs R Bartlett sen. had accidentally poisoned herself. On enquiry, we found the report to have arisen in consequence of the old dame having taken ill immediately after dinner, and having in the morning, while preparing the midday meal, had a piece of poisoned bread and butter laying on the same table on which she was cleaning some turnips. She was apprehensive on taking ill, that some of the strychnine had fallen from the bread upon the turnips and partaking of these, must have caused the sickness. Both Drs Reid and Hooper were called in, but both of those gentlemen declared that she had not partaken of poison. (The News, Shoalhaven, 31 July 1875)

Daughter, Sarah was living at her parents' home in Tomerong at the time of her marrige to Edward Hughes in 1860 at Shoalhaven. They had two sons before moving to the Clarence River district. They resided in the area for about 5 years and had another 4 children before to the Richmond River district. in 1871, Edward selected portion 48 on Wardel Road in the parish of Tuckombile, county Rous. Another 5 children were born between 1871 and 1879. In March 1873, Edward and others made application for the establishment of a school at Duck Creek. The School opened on the 15 March, 1875. Six of their children were among the first to be enrolled.

Edward & Sarah sold the Wardel Rd farm to one of their sons and it is uncertain where they resided until Edward's death in 1920. Sarah returned to the farm to live with her son and his family for some years, possibly up until he sold the farm in 1927. She finally settled with a daughter in Alstonville, where she lived until her death in June 1929. Both Sarah and Edward are buried at the Alstonville Cemetery. See Obituaries H

On 8 Jan 1916, The Shoalhaven News reported: Mr and Mrs Stephen Bartlett, of the Tweed River, are at present on a visit to friends in Shoalhaven, and will be remaining for a couple of months at least. Mr Bartlett is a native of the district, and has a soft spot in his heart for it and its people. A quarter of a century ago he carried on dairying at Milton as a tenant farmer, but the result under the conditions prevailing were not satisfactory to him, and fifteen or sixteen years ago he "went North", where by good practical knowledge, industry, and cheap land, he prospered, until he now owns a fine large property near Murwillumbah, and is independent. That is the experience of many other tenant farmers who struck out for themselves in the earlier days before land values climbed to present hight levels.

Emily died in 1922, Stephen, 3 years later in 1925. She was buried beside Alfred in Nowra Cemetery and Stephen, with his first wife, Maria at Milton. See Obituaries B

Daughter, Rachel Elizabeth married Cornelius Bentley in 1892 and had 3 children. Cornelius was a carpenter, died in 1943 and is buried in Rookwood Cemetery, N.S.W. It is uncertain when Rachel died but she was alive at the time of her father's death in 1901.

Son, William Edward married Sarah Ann Higgins 1883. He was a butcher in Milton and died 1939; Sarah Ann died 1934. There were no children.

Son, Joseph married Elizabeth Montgomery in 1886 and they had 6 children. Joseph was also a butcher and his tragic death was reported in the The Sydney Morning Herald on 31 Aug 1936:
Joseph Bartlett, 71, a master butcher, was fatally injured, and his son, Roy, 36, was also hurt, early on Saturday morning, when a motor van, which the son was driving, ran over the edge of a cliff on a sharp bend at the top of Stony Hill, near Milton, and fell 60 feet to a ravine below.

Both men were thrown from the van. The accident occurred in darkness, and the son, who was not seriously injured, could not find his father. Eventually he climbed a steep slope to the road, and walked to Milton, about a mile away. Searchers afterwards found the father lying critically injured near the bottom of the ravine, but he died before he could be moved. The van was reduced to wreckage.

Joseph's wife Elizabeth died in 1942, nearly 5 & 1/2 years after the accident; both are buried at Milton.

Richard Jnr married Elizabeth Ree in 1867 and had 4 children between 1868 and 1882. Elizabeth died in 1893 (place and burial unknown) and in 1899, Richard remarried [Sophia Higgins (nee Sperring), a widow]. Richard died in 1918; Sophia died in 1919 and both are buried in Nowra Cemetery.

Son, Edmund married Sarah Ann Smith (See Pioneers Smith). Edmund died in 1927 and his death notice in The Shoalhaven News read:
The death occurred during Thursday night, very suddenly, of Mr. Edmond Bartlett, at his home at Bomaderry. In the early hours he felt unwell and got up, but collapsed and died immediately. Deceased was an old resident of the district, and highly esteemed. He was 80 years old. (18 June 1927)

Son, James Watson married Mary Ann Afflick in 1872 and lived at Milton. There were no children and Mary Ann died in 1894. According to James' death certificate in 1926, he was a 'nuisance inspector' which seems to have been a function of 'public health', overseeing health regulations from markets to the domestic scene. Both Mary Ann and James are buried at Milton.

Son, Stephen married Maria Ree (may have been a cousin of sister-in-law Elizabeth Ree) in 1872. They had 10 children and Stephen's occupation is given as 'bushman' on the death record of his daughter in 1875 and 'labourer' on the death record of his son in 1877. Maria died in 1895 and in 1898, Stephen married his sister-in-law, Emily Bartlett (nee Smith), his brother Alfred's widow.

Emily (Sarah Ann Smith's younger sister) had married Alfred in 1876 and they had 7 children. In 1879, Alfred was listed as a timber splitter and in 1888, a timber merchant. Alfred died in Nowra in 1889, the same day that his mother was being buried. No registration has been found for Lydia's death but it was reported that they died within a week of one another. Richard Snr died in 1901. See Obituaries B.

Alstonville Cemetery, N.S.W.

Daughter, Matilda married James Shepherd, a native of Dumbarton, Scotland in 1859. James, also known as "Father" Shepherd was a devout leader within the Methodist Church and much was been written about his divinations throughout his life. Matilda and James had 14 children who all survived to adulthood, married and had children. Matilda died in 1919 and James died in 1920 in Bomaderry. Both are buried in the Nowra Cemetery. See Obituaries S

In Loving Memory of Alfred Bartlett d. 1889 and Emily Bartlett d. 1922, Nowra Cemetery