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VIGAR, Florence continued ...

For the last 25 years she had been at Zanci Station with Roy, her eldest son. Despite her advanced years, Mrs Vigar was remarkably active and alert and she enjoyed good health until November last when she had a fall and suffered a fractured hip. This kept her in hospital in Mildura for nearly seven months, after which she returned home to Zanci, and was able to get about with the aid of two sticks.

The sterling pioneer scorned the use of a wheelchair or crutches. She always returned to Renmark at least once, sometimes twice a year for a few weeks. Her last visit was in July this year when she came down to her grand daughter, Betty's wedding which she was very anxious to attend.

She passed away quietly in bed at home on September 17th aged 93.

There were nine children in the family, and Mrs Vigar is survived by six: Ida (Mrs Hope formerly Mrs Stirrat), Roy, Harold and Walter (all of Zanci Station, NSW), Albert (Renmark) and Venn (Wingillie NSW).

Obituaries V
VIGAR, Florence (1868-1961)
Parents: John George COOMBS & Sarah Ann MIDDLETON

The Murray Pioneer, October 12 1961
With the recent passing of Mrs Florence Vigar, at Zanci Station in N.S.W., one of the few remaining links with the early pioneering days was removed. Mrs Vigar was born at Moorna, N.S.W., in 1868, where her father the late John Coombs kept the Moorna Hotel until it was burned down. Her mother died at Moorna and her remains are buried there, not far from the site of the old hotel. After the destruction of the Moorna Hotel, the then Florence Coombs with her father and other members of the family (there were 7 boys and 3 girls) moved to Ral Ral, which in those days was like Moorna, a hotel and mail change station.

Mrs Vigar used to tell of how they used to teach the black children their way of living and the blacks would show them how to make their canoes and how to track and hunt. Blacks were numerous along the river in those days. Another memory which Mrs Vigar often recounted was how she and her sister, Lil were lost one time at Ral Ral and were found the next day somewhere between Stony Pinch and Overland Corner. After her father's death she went to live with her brother, Johnnie, who was mail driving between Kingston in the South-East along the Coorong to Meningie on Lake Albert. She was living at Blanchetown when she met Joseph William Vigar, of Annadale (the old half-way house) and they were married in 1891 at Kapunda.

They lived on a farm near Florieton where Mr Vigar and William Teasdale were share farming. Later Mr Vigar went to N.S.W. contracting and for a few years kept the old Lake Victoria Hotel and worked from there, until the licence lapsed. Mr and Mrs Vigar then came to live in Renmark where they built a home next to where Eudunda Farmers' store is now situated, and the family were educated from there. The old pise building was demolished only a few years ago.

After the death of her husband in 1922, Mrs Vigar went back to Lake Victoria, where her son Albert was carrying on his father's contract work and remained there for some years.
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