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SHACKEL, Emanuel (1826-1903)
Parents: John SHACKEL & Priscilla ELFORD

Kiama Independent, 6 Mar 1903
Mr. Emanuel Shackle, a worthy old resident, suddenly expired in the Presbyterian Church, Kiama, on Wednesday afternoon, where he was present as a representative of Kiama at the Illawarra District Presbytery meeting which was about to be held. The old gentleman had every appearance of being a hale and hearty man and his sudden death was very unexpected and a surprise and shock to his many friends. He was upwards of 76 years of age and in his younger days followed the pursuits of a dairy farmer, and having accumulated a good deal of property had for some years been living a life of retirement. For many years and up to the time of his death he was a worthy elder in the local Presbyterian church. His family are all grown up. Mr. Thomas Shackle, of Foxground, is one of his sons. An inquest was conducted before the District Coroner (Mr. C. Cameron, J P) when a verdict of death from failure of the heart's action was returned. The funeral takes place this afternoon at 2 o'clock.

SHACKEL, Margaret (1852-1952)
Parents: William RICE & Margaret Jane MOORE

Northern Star, 3 Mar 1952
Another link with the pioneering days of the district was severed by the death of Mrs Margaret Shackel, of Federal, who died in Bangalow Hospital after an illness lasting many months. Born at Robertson, and after spending her school days at Omega, South Coast, Mrs Shackel came to the Richmond with her parents, Mr and Mrs W. Rice. She resided at Newrybar and later at Goonengerry, where she was married to William Shackel, who predeceased her four years ago. All her married life was spent at Federal. Rev. E.G. Ewin, who conducted the funeral service in the Federal Methodist Church, also officiated at the graveside. Pallbearers at the church were Messrs. S. and C. Shackel (sons), F. Hepburn (son-in-law), G. and H. Rice (nephews) and Barry Shackel (grandson) and at the cemetery, Messrs S. and C. Shackel, R. and B. Rice and A. East (nephews) and H. Clarke. Wreaths were carried by Messrs S. and W. King and W. Gray. She is survived by two sons, Stanley and Clive (Federal) and two daughters, Mrs R. Gillies, of Hampstead (England) and Mrs F. Hepburn (Lismore), also nine grandchildren. Burial took place in the Presbyterian portion of the Clunes cemetery.

SHACKEL, Mary Ann (1823-1891)
Parents: Charles DAY, Mother unknown

Kiama Independent, 15 Sept 1891
In addition to the above obituary notice we have to chronicle the death of Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. Emanuel Shackle, which took place somewhat suddenly at her residence, Hothersall Street on Thursday last 9th instant. She was born at Templecomb, Somersetshire, England, in 1823, and consequently was 68 years old when she died. Shortly after marriage the pair sailed for this colony, arriving in Sydney on the 28th July, 1858, and on the 7th of the following month arrived in Kiama under engagement to the late John Miller, of Ayr Park. Five years afterwards they purchased a farm in the Foxground, and during a fourteen years' residence there, they not only endeared themselves to all who knew them by a simple unostentatious neighbourly spirit, good nature and hospitality, but by thrift and good management made a competency on which they retired and made choice of Moss Vale as a resting place. Here they lost their only daughter, Sarah Ann, in the 28th year of her age, and after a residence of about 3 years in Moss Vale they came to Kiama, bought a 5 acre block in Hothersall Street, built a cottage suitable to the requirements of the old couple, and surrounded it with all the comforts of orchard, garden, etc and here the deceased breathed her last on the day named as she sat in her arm chair; the immediate cause of death being heart disease. The only members of the family of deceased who survive are the widower and two sons, the latter being married - one, Thomas, residing in Kangaroo Valley, the other, William, residing in Foxground - and both following the calling at which their parents succeeded so well. The funeral took place on the following day, and many sympathising friends attended from Foxground, Robertson and Sydney, as well as Kiama, the Rev. J. Kinross, Principal of St. Andrew's college, being one of them. The funeral service, including an appropriate extempore address, was conducted by the Rev. J Burgess, M.A., Presbyterian Minister of Kiama and Jamberoo, of whose church deceased was a member, the concluding prayer, which was indeed suitable to the occasion, being offered by the Rev. John Dymock.

SHACKELL, Thomas (1852-1922)
Parents: Emanuel SHACKEL & Mary Ann DAY

Northern Star, 17 Jan 1922
The death occurred at Crabbe's Creeek on Friday morning of Mr T. Shackell, at the age of 70. Mr Shackell had been ailing for some time and passed away quietly. Deceased was a native of Somerset, England, and arrived in Australia when 6 years of age. He lived for a time with his parents at Kiama, South Coast, and married Miss S. Sharman, a member of a well-known family. Leaving the South Coast he came to the North Coast in 1904. Mr Shackell settled in Caniaba, near Lismore, for some time, and went from there to Burringbar and Crabbe's Creek, where he secured a farm. He leaves a wife and family of 10 children. The daughters are as follows: Mrs R. Speer (Mullumbimby), Mrs A. Speer (Bangalow), Mrs P. Prior (Woolongong), Mrs C. Windley (Terranora), Mrs W. Cramp (Terranora) and Mrs H. Allard (Burringbar). The sons are Jack (Crabbe's Creek), Bert and Arthur (Burringbar) and Will (Tyalgum). The funeral took place on Saturday in Murwillumbah, the Rev. A.G. Moore, of Mullumbimby, officiating at the graveside.

SHACKEL, William Charles (1847-1927)
Parents: Emanuel SHACKEL & Mary Ann DAY

Northern Star, 18 Mar 1927
The late Mr W.C. Shackel, whose death took place at the residence of his daughter (Mrs J. Rice), Newrybar, was born in Somersetshire, England. He came to Australia some 60 years ago with his parents, and settled on the South Coast. In 1870, he married Miss Eliza Jane Bogle and followed farming pursuits at Wild's Meadow for many years. Thirty-two years ago he and his family moved to the north Coast, settling at Newrybar on property known as Jabez Carson's on the Ballina-Bangalow road, where he resided for seven years. The late Mr Shackel then purchased a property at Bangalow, which was standing scrub. After clearing his property and grassing it, he retired from active farm work, but still continued to live on the homestead until his wife's death last November. the loss of his wife played a big part in his sudden death. After his wife's death he went to live at Newrybar with his daughter, Mrs James rice. The deceased gentleman was highly respected, and many floral tributes were laid on the coffin at the burial which took place in the Presbyterian portion of the Bangalow cemetery. He leaves a family of two sons and two daughters. Mr W.E. Shackel of Federal, and Mr E.O. Shackel, Eumundi, Queensland, are sons, and Mrs A.E. Cook, Eumundi, Queensland, and Mrs J. Rice, Newrybar are daughters. There are nineteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The Rev. R. Miller officiated at the graveside and Mr A. Beckinsale had charge of the funeral arrangements.

The Methodist, October 1908
James Shepherd was the eldest son of dear old Father Shepherd, who is one of the saintly men of Shoalhaven Methodism. He was born at Shoalhaven 46 years ago, and died on the 2nd ultimo at Sydney. At the age of 18 years he was soundly converted to God. After three years of strenuous labour, in connection with the Salvation Army, into whose work he threw himself with impetuous and characteristic zeal, his physical health became much broken, and he returned to the Church of his early boyhood, to whom he gave a loyal, generous, willing, unstinted and faithful service. During the remainder of his life his disposition prevented him from doing things by halves, and so it fell out that his church benefited by the devotion of one who did with his might what his hand found to do. Within a year he was elected in company with his younger brother, to a position on the Nowra church and Parsonage Trust, and two years later, he became the Secretary, which office he filled with great diligence and fidelity until his death. He also faithfully filled the office of Society Steward for 18 years, and was Secretary for the Quarterly Meeting for a period of 12 years, ultimately becoming Senior Circuit Steward. He was a diligent Sunday-school teacher for some years, and also acting superintendent, whilst the class and prayer meetings received the stimulus and encouragement of his presence and help, failing health alone necessitating a cessation of effort in that direction. He found scope for the exercise of his decided business talent in the building up of a successful concern at Bomaderry in which he proved, by his integrity and uprightness of character, that religion and business need not be divorced, but rather exist together. With him there was o such thing as the purely secular, for all things were sacred, and the sacredness of the life was vouched for by the general expression of sympathy and regret which were in the hearts and on the lips of the whole community when it became known that he had passed away. the church at Nowra has suffered a great loss, and the community generally is distinclty poorer through his death. He leaves a widow and five children to whom our sympathy goes out, and for whom we crave our Great Father's tender care and comfort.

SHEPHERD, James Jnr (1862-1908)
Parents: James SHEPHERD & Matilda BARTLETT

The South Coast Register, 7 Oct 1908
The many friends of Mr. James Shepherd, Jun., of Bomaderry, will regret to hear of the death of that gentleman, which sad event took place on Friday morning in Sydney whither he had gone a few days previously to look at a home in one of the suburbs, where he intended to reside. He, however, took a bad turn, and died as stated, his brother, Mr R. Shepherd, being with him and doing all that was possible. The body was brought to Bomaderry on Saturday, and en route to the cemetery was taken to the Methodist Church, where a special service was conducted by the Rev. W.G. Willard, who also conducted the funeral obsequies at the grave. Though taking place at a most inconvenient hour on Saturday afternoon, the funeral was largely attended, testifying to the general respect in which the deceased and his family are held. The deceased gentleman, who was the eldest son of Mr James Shepherd, Sen., also of Bomaderry, had only reached the age of 46 years - the prime of manhood. He had for a number of years successfully carried on a general store and the post office at Bomaderry, building up a good connection, and seeing splendid prospects in front of him. But just at the time his health broke down, and paralysis laid him aside. He had the best of medical and home attention, and under doctor's orders tried a change of air and scene on the mountains, with the result that he was patched up to some extent, though nothing like his former self. He recently sold his business and contemplated living in retirement but the end came somewhat suddenly, though not unexpectedly. the decased was a man of exemplary character and high probity, a most estimable citizen - a worthy son, a king husband and father, and a sterling Christian. Like his father and other member sof his family, he was a prominant and active worker in the Methodist church, being secretary to the Circuit Trust, and also held other positions of standing. his is the first death in a family of fourteen, and naturally is keenly felt by a very wide circle. in common with the rest of the community, we estend our deepest sympathy to the widow and family and other mourners in their sad bereavement.

SHEPHERD, Matilda (1842-1919)
Parents: Richard BARTLETT & Lydia QUESTED

The Shoalhaven News, 17 May 1919
During Wednesday night there passed away, at her residence, Bomaderry, one of the best known and most highly esteemed women in the district - Mrs James Shepherd, sen., wife of the grand old man, "Father" Shepherd, the head of one of the biggest and most representative of Shoalhaven families. The old lady had been in failing health for about 12 months, but latterly had been better than usual. Only on Friday last she indulged in a motor drive, and enjoyed the outing, though she must have had some premonition of the approaching end, for she remarked to her grandson, who was driving, that that would be her last trip out. On Wednesday she was up all day cheerful and bright as ever, and did not retire till comparatively late, when her heart gave her some trouble, and the park of life, growing weaker, flickered out, her spirit calming passing into the keeping of the Divine Master whom she loved and faithfully served. Her end was peace.
The late Mrs Shepherd was in her 77th year. She was a native of the district, being born at Tomerong in 1843. She was the second daughter of the late Richard Bartlett, an early and honoured pioneer. Fifty-nine years ago she married Mr James Shepherd, the issue of the union being fourteen children - thirteen of whom survive her. They are - Messrs William, Richard (Mayor of Berry and Fire Board Commissioner), David (Alderman Ulladulla Council), Henry, Edward, Ernest, and John; Mesdames J. Butson, W.H. Cork (Arncliffe), N. Claydon (Richmond River), J. Watts (Palmer's Island, Clarence River), H.J. Faulks (Morton, Milton), and J.O. Smith (Marrickville). In addition to this large family - all comfortably settled - the deceased leaves some 60 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren - so that the family may be truly classed as a widely representative one. The deceased lady was a model of all that a woman should be - as wife, mother, neighbour, and friend. Her example and precepts exercised a wonderful influence for good on her children; who have every reason to call her blessed. She was a great help to her husband in church work, and was altogether a noble type of woman - one of those who leave the world infinitely better for their having lived in it. Of her it can honestly be said she was one of the "Mothers in Israel", and she will leave a sweet and sacred memory, not only to those near and dear to her but to many others who had the pleasure and privilege of her friendship and acquaintance.
The funeral took place yesterday afternoon, and notwithstanding the unfavourable weather there was a large assemblage to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased. Included in the cortege was a special coach conveying the members and staff of the Berry Council. Rev. S.C. Roberts conducted the service at the grave, and in notifying that he would hold a memorial service in the Methodist Church on Sunday morning, made brief allusion to the saintly, Christian character of the deceased and to her exemplary life.

SHEPHERD, Matilda continued ...

The Methodist, 24 May 1919
One of the oldest residents of the Shoalhaven and one of the few remaining original members of the Methodist church when it was first made a circuit passed away peacefully at Bomaderry. Born at Wonthaggi in 1841, soon after her father (Richard Bartlett) arrived from the old country, and married by the first Methodist minister stationed at the "Shoal Haven", Rev James Sommerville, at the village of "Tomerang", to James Shepherd, farmer, of Broughton creek 20 December 1859". She began the work of forming a home at Numba, on a farm of the Berry Estate with her husband now so familiarly and lovingly known throughout the south coast by the name of "Father Shepherd". "Father" Shepherd a young Scotch emigrant, was in the full glow of his first love of Christ, and had linked himself to the religion of the warm heart at the Methodist church, which was passing through a stirring revival. A few months after her marriage Mrs Shepherd caught the fire and openly professed confession, and never left her first love to the time of her death. As a wife, Father Shepherd claims she was the gift of God, in direct answer to prayer, as a mother she was greatly blessed, and the ideal of goodness that fell to Job in the days of his prosperity was seven sons and three daughters. Mrs Shepherd far surpassed the old patriarch for she had the joy of seeing seven sons and seven daughters, all grow to full maturity, each of them happily married and presenting her with some sixty grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

There was not a break in the family until some two years ago, when James, her eldest son, preceded her to the glory land, and James' eldest son, A.S. Shepherd, BE. DSO. M.C. made the supreme sacrifice at the War. For nearly sixty years Mrs Shepherd had not been parted from her husband for more than a few days at a time, a constant helpmate. Her unfeigned faith made her life one of the sweetest, both in her own home and among the neighbours. She was a power behind him with her prayers and sympathy when "Father" Shepherd led his class or won converts for the master in his pulpit ministrations, the angel of the home is all sweet motherhood to her children, and a model of sweet womanhood who counted not her life dear to her except that might spend it in service to others. The funeral which was exceptionally large, despite the unfavourable weather, took place on Friday 16th, May. On Sunday Morning 18th May a memorial service was held in the Nowra Church. Great Sympathy is felt for "Father" Shepherd who is now in his 89th year.

SHEPHERD, Richard (1867-1920)
Parents: James SHEPHERD & Matilda BARTLETT

The Methodist, 29 Jan 1921
Richard Shepherd, J.P. (Mayor of Berry for the sixth successive year), Commissioner for the Fire Brigade's Board, Commissioner on the Wages Conciliation Board, Vice-President and nominated President of the Farmers' and Settlers' Co-operative Association, Trustee of Nowra Church property, ex-circuit steward, society steward, and for many years Shoalhaven's representative of Conference, has been called to his long home. Mr. Richard Shepherd was born in Numba, on the Shoalhaven, and as a lad, went to live in Milton, where the family removed. In early youth he gave himself to His Master, under the ministry of Rev. J.A. Bowring, and never wavered from the decision all through his public life. As a young man he came to Nowra to seek employment. Sickness and loss of trade brought about failure and insolvency; but when better times came he not only paid every obligation, but also the added interest. Renting a farm, at first, good seasons followed, and success attended him until by very hard work and long hours he was able to purchase and become the proprietor of "Riverside", one of the finest farms on the Shoalhaven River, which he managed in such a way as to become a model dairy farm. He then gradually entered into public life, filling positions of great trust and honour. His passing is at once a calamity and a tragedy. Though he put into his 53 years as much as three ordinary men, for so young, vigorous, and capable a man to be taken in the midst of services for the sake of others can only be explained in the terms of the Cross: "He gave himself". His funeral was one of the largest ever held in Nowra. The memorial service was held on Christmas Sunday.

SHEPHERD, William (1866-1945)
Parents: James SHEPHERD & Matilda BARTLETT

Source Unknown
By the death of Mr William Shepherd, which took place at the home of his son-in-law (Mr Devitt) and daughter, at Meroo Meadow on Friday afternoon last, another of the old pioneers of Shoalhaven has gone to his eternal reward the late Mr Shepherd, who was 79 years of age, was a son of the late Mr. James ("Father") Shepherd and Mrs. Shepherd, who were amongst the early settlers of Shoalhaven, and who, with their family have played an important part in the progress and development of the
district. The deceased did not take a prominent part in public affairs, but he always evinced a keen interest in everything pertaining to the good of the community, and his assistance was always readily available for any worthy cause. He was a devout adherent of the Methodist Church, and a regular attendant at Divine worship, and was for a period of 37 years superintendent of the Sunday schools at Bolong and Meroo. The funeral, which was attended by many old friends, took place on Saturday. The Rev. Jesson Flemming carried out the last sad rites, also conducting a service at the Nowra church, and in the course of his remarks paid eloquent tribute to the many Christian qualities of the deceased, and to his exemplary life.

The Methodist, Feb 1945
After many years of faithful service, Mr William Shepherd, of "Sunnyside", Meroo Meadow, passed peacefully to his "Home" on February 23 at the age of 80 years. In almost every avenue of church life Mr Shepherd has rendered conspicuous service. He occupied the positions of circuit steward in the Shoalhaven and Berry Circuits, while in the latter he was a local preacher. His greatest service was rendered in the capacity of S.S. superintendent at Meroo Meadow in the Shoalhaven Circuit. Here he gathered around him, year after year, the children of this district, and Sunday by Sunday taught in simple language the profound truths of the Gospel. At a recent S.S. picnic held at Meroo many adults spoke of the beautiful influence Mr Shepherd had radiated around them in their childhood days and were now proud to think that their own cihldren were being taught in the same Sunday school and by the same superintendent. thus the great work he began is being carried on generation to generation. The last sacred rites were conducted by Rev. J. Fleming on 24th February, when a service was held in the Nowra Methodist Church, where a large congregation assembled to pay their respects.

SMITH, Charles (1864-1941)
Parents: Thomas SMITH & Mary Ann BLYTHE

The Shoalhaven News, 15 Oct 1941
Another of the old pioneers of the Shoalhaven passed away at the weekend in the person of Mr Charles Smith. Mr Smith who was 77 years of age, was a native of Cambewarra, and for practically the whole of his life he was engaged in the timber industry. About 22 years ago, he came to Nowra from Cambewarra, and bought a home in Osborne-street, where he resided till the day of his death. He had not been in good health since the death of his wife, which took place a little over a year ago, and the end was not unexpected.

The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon, following a service at the Methodist Church, conducted by the Rev. E.T. Chapman, who also officiated at the graveside.

To the five daughters - Elsie (Mrs W. Johnstone), Annie (Mrs Davies, Paddington), Dorothy (Mrs W. Smith), Winnie and Lil - and two sons - Fred and Mervyn - we extend our sympathy.

SMITH, Elizabeth (1853-1934)
Parents: James E & Janet GILLESPIE

Newcastle Morning Herald, 13 Oct 1934
A resident of the Wallsend district during the past 60 years, Mrs Elizabeth Smith, relict of Mr Rowland Hill Smith, died on October 7 at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr W. Fenwick, Murnain and Close Streets, Wallsend. Her descendants included 27 grandchildren, 34 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. Of the family of 10, three sons and three daughters survive. They are Mesdames W. Young (Wangi Wangi), W. Fenwick (Wallsend), and R. Hall (Gloucester), and Messrs. Thomas Smith (Sydney), Rowland Smith (California, U.S.A.), and James Smith (Cessnock).

Mrs Smith who was 81 years of age, was a native of Ayrshire, Scotland, and was brought to Australia in early childhood by her parents, the late Mr and Mrs James Gillespie. Her father conducted one of Wallsend's earliest butchery businesses for some years. Portion of her earlier life was spent with her parents, on the Paterson River. She was married on Boxing Day, 1874, at Hamilton, by Rev. James Coutts, who was the minister of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Newcastle, at the time. Following her marriage, she lived in the Wallsend district continuously. Her husband died about 11 years ago.

Mrs Smith had been a member of the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints for many years. Following a service in the church, the funeral took place from the Wallsend church of the denomination to the Wallsend Cemetery. Pastor A.V. Robinson conducted the service in the church, and officiated at the graveside. Four grandsons, Messrs. G. and W. Fenwick, W. Young, and R. Hall, acted as pall bearers.

Wreaths were received from the family: Mr and Mrs R. Hall and family; Topsy and Jim; Ron and Muriel; Rowley and Fan; Wiley and Lizzie; Billy and Stella; J. Jenkins and family; Charlie, Joyce, Beryl, and Muriel; C.J. and M. Melville; Mr and Mrs Lance Foote; Mr and Mrs D. Henderson; Mr and Mrs E. Eade and family; Mr and Mrs Sid Crump (sic - should be Cramp) and family; the James family; Mr and Mrs W. Harris; Mr and Mrs O. Bradley; the members of the Latter Day Saints' Church, Wallsend; Lou Chilton; Mr and Mrs Sanders and family; Mr and Mrs George Hopkins.

SMITH, Elizabeth (1868-1940)
Parents: John GOODGER & Ellen Jolliffe

The Shoalhaven News, 8 June 1940
After an illness extending over a lengthy period, Mrs Elizabeth Smith, wife of Mr Charles Smith, passed peacefully away at her home in Osborne-street on Wednesday last. The deceased, who was 71 years of age, was a member of a very old Shoalhaven family, being the second eldest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Goodger, pioneers of the West Cambewarra portion of the district. She was of a modest and retiring disposition her chief interest being centred in her family. Of a kindly and Christian nature, she was held in the highest regard by a wide circle of friends. three sisters - Nell (Mrs Kennedy of Junction-street), Emma (Mrs J. Ison of Plunkett-street), and Annie (Mrs Jack Elliott of Cambewarra) - and two brothers - Mr James Goodger (of Harley Hill, Berry) and John (of Cambewarra) - still reside in the district.

In addition to the sorrowing husband, the deceased leaves a grown-up family of five daughters - Dorothy (Mrs W.J. Smith), Annie (Mrs Davies), Elsie (Mrs W. Johnston), Winnnie and Lil - and two sons - Fred and Mervyn - to mourn her loss.

The interment took place on Thursday, the Rev. E.T. Chapman conducting the last sad rites, following a service at the Methodiest Church, which was largely attended. To the bereaved we extend our sincerest sympathy.

SMITH, Henry (1861-1930)
Parents: Thomas SMITH & Mary Ann BLYTHE

The Shoalhaven News, 19 Apr 1930
The death occurred, about 9 p-m. on Tuesday, of Mr. Harry Smith, an old and highly-esteemed resident of Nowra for very many years. The deceased gentleman had not been in good health for some months, and despite the best medical attention and the utmost care of his wife, he gradually sank and passed away as stated. He had almost reached the allotted span. The late Mr. Smith was a native of the district, and had resided in Sboalhaven for the greater part of his life. He had in his young days engaged in dairy farming, on a property he had acquired at Cambewarra. Later he accepted employment in a colliery at Newcastle and afterwards in a tannery at Unanderra, conducted by Richards and Sons.

From there he came to Comerong, where he successfully acted for some years as manager of a separating station and butter factory. In due time the separating stations gave place to the central butter factory system, and Mr. Smith retired into private life, making his home on the heights at Nowra. By thrift and good invest ments he was enabled to purchase a farm at Berry and another property at Calderwood in the Illawarra district, both of which properties he sold to advantage. He never took an active part in public life, but he identified himself with the Nowra Bowling Club from its inception, and was regarded as one of the best leaders in that game. He was a quiet, unassuming man, who won the respect and regard of all with whom he came in contact. The funeral, which took place on Thursday afternoon, was largely attended, testifying to the high esteem in which the deceased gentleman was held. The mortal remains were interred in the C.E. portion of the Nowra cemetery, Rev. B. P. Gee conducting the last sad rites. Deceased leaves a widow and one son (for many years resident in Sydney).

SMITH, Mary Ann(1864-1939)
Parents: John GOODGER & Ellen Jolliffe

The Shoalhaven News, 18 Jan 1939
The death occurred at her home in Worrigee Street, Nowra late on Monday afternoon of Mrs Mary Ann Smith, relict of the late Mr Harry Smith, at the age of 74 years. She had been in a critical state of health for some months, and the end was not unexpected.

The late Mrs. Smith was a member of an old pioneer family, being the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Goodger. She was born at Yallah, but came to Shoalhaven with her parents nearly 60 years ago, and had lived in the district almost continuously ever since. For some 14 years she resided on Comerong Island, where her husband was manager of the butter factory. Later the couple acquired a farming property at Cambewarra, where they engaged in dairying for some years, then removing to Berry, and after retirement settling in Nowra.The late Mrs. Smith, whose husband predeceased her 9 year ago, was a well known and highly esteemed personality, claiming a large circle of friends. She was a regular attendant at and a generous supporter of the Church of England, and was for many years an active and valued member of the Ladies' Working Society. One son, William, is left to mourn her loss.

The mortal remains were laid to rest beside those of her late husband in the C.E. portion of the Nowra cemetery yesterday afternoon, in the presence of a large gathering of old friends. The Rev. Alan Begole conducted an impressive service at the church, where he made feeling reference to the exemplary life of the deceased, and to her devotion to her church and all its activities; and he also performed the last sad rites at the graveside.
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