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NICHOLS, Mary continued ...

Few know the reason of the naming of that part of the river. One day while Mr Nichols was riding a young horse along the river, a wild bull chased him. The horse threw Mr Nichols, who promptly climbed up a handy tree for safety and remained there from early morning till late at night, when he was rescued by some friends. That was fifty years ago, and since that day Nichols' Point has been the name of the spot.

Mr Nichols died on 8/3/1914 in Mildura, at the age of 85 years. It had always been his wife's ambition to live to a greater age, and this she succeeded in doing by only a few months.

Mrs Nichols had an only brother named John Middleton, and together they established a boarding house known as the Victoria boarding house in Lime Avenue, which is still being utilised for the same purpose. Mrs Nichols was associated with that business for about fourteen years, when she retired to lead a private life in Walnut Avenue, Mildura. Her brother retired also and lived till last February.

By Mrs Nichols' death the last of the Middleton family has gone, but during her span in this world, many sons and daughters were born, and nor grandsons and great grandsons and daughters exist. The eldest son is sixty-six years of age, and is Mr John George Nichols of Wentworth. The other sons are Messrs Henry Thomas Nichols of the River Darling, Randolph Edward Nichols of Merbein, and George Middleton Nichols of Hopetown. The daughters Mrs Mary Coombes of Queensland; Mrs Emily Pike of Ninth Street, Mildura; Mrs Maggie Murphy of Adelaide; Mrs Eliza Groats, Curlwaa (decd); Mrs Adelaide James, Don Store, Mildura; Mrs Maude Lush of Walnut Avenue , and Mrs Ada Downes of Dandenong. The remaining members of the Nichols family are well known and highly respected.

Obituaries N
NICHOLS, John George (1855-1929)
Parents: John Henry NICHOLS & Mary MIDDLETON

Chronicle, 12 Dec 1929
The death occurred of Mr. John George Nichols at his residence. Sandwych-street. Wentworth, on Tuesday evening at the age of 72. He was born at Mount Torrens, and went to the Wentworth district when an infant. For years he livad with his parents on Lake Victoria station, and afterwards was employed on the Moorna station. He left a familv of seven sons and two daughters, namely, Messrs. H. Nichols (Mildurai, George Nichols (Adelaide), Alex Nichols (Mel bourne), Arthur Nichols (Moama), Leslie Nichols (Euston), Andrew Nichols (Wentworth), and Daniel Nichols (Sydney), Mrs. Andrews (Echuca), and Miss Ruby Nichols (Wentworth).

NICHOLS, Mary (1835-1920)
Parents: George MIDDLETON & Margaret HAYES

Sunraysia Daily, 6 Dec 1920
One of Sunraysia's oldest residents, Mrs Mary Nichols of Walnut Avenue, Mildura, died peacefully yesterday morning at 6.45 o'clock, at Nurse Gidding's private hospital. Mrs Nichols, who had reached the age of eighty-five years, was in fairly good health up till some months ago, but during the past few weeks was very ill.

The life of Mrs Nichols was full of incidents. She was born on May 20th 1835, in the Parish of Gravesend, Kent, England, and twelve months later arrived in Australia by the ship Coromandel, with her parents, Mr & Mrs John [George] Middleton. The party landed in Glenelg, in South Australia, amongst the wild blacks, and having no hotels to supply accommodation, went to sleep on mother earth. The whole batch of Englishmen - the very old pioneers who blazed the track - sent a request to the Government for horses. Tents were provided, and so the party commenced their lives in Australia. Mrs Nichols was in South Australia for nearly twenty years. The father was an expert architect, and was responsible for some of the most substantial Adelaide buildings. Then the family came to the great Australian river, and settled on the banks, near Lake Victoria. Mr John Nichols, at the time, was in the same locality, and married the then Miss Mary Middleton. And so the Nichols family - which is now spread all over the Commonwealth of Australia - originated. For many years they resided at the point on the river now known as Nichols' Point.

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