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DEWHURST, Daniel (1843-1899)
Parents: Daniel DEWHURST & Agnes SMITH

Western Herald, 10 January 1900
Another old citizen of Thargomindah has passed over to the great majority, Mr D. Dewhurst succumbing on Friday afternoon last. The deceased gentleman was hale and heart last week, but got an attack of influenza, which, we believe, developed into pneumonia, resulting in his death after a brief illness.

Mr Dewhurst was one of the old hands of this township, and in the early days he conducted the Thargomindah Hotel, eventually leaving and going to Bourke, where, as landlord of the Great Western Hotel, he lived for a few years. Afterwards he worked as a stock and station agent in New South Wales terminus, but drifted back to Thargomindah, and in this township he opened business as an auctioneer and general agent, carrying it on until the time of his death. Mr Dewhurst was a widower, his wife having died when he resided in Bourke, and leaves a family of five girls (two of whom are married) and a boy and we feel sure the sympathy of the townspeople will be with them in their bereavement. The deceased who was 58 years of age, was buried on Saturday, the funeral being well attended. The burial service was read by Mr Dargin. [Two daughters are now living in Bourke, Mrs W. Hatten, Jr, and Miss J. Dewhurst. the news of their father's death was a great shock to them, and much sympathy is felt for them in their sad loss.]

DEWHURST, Susanna Jane Wylie (1855-1891)
Parents: Thomas McGEORGE & Jemima Lydia Hockridge GEAKE

Western Herald, 2 December 1891
It is our painful duty to record the death of Mrs D Dewhurst which sad event took place about 11 a.m. Tuesday. The deceased lady was seized with influenza some weeks ago when the epidemic was raging in the town and district. She had almost recovered from this when unfortunately rheumatic gout attacked her, locating itself in the head. The poor lady suffered severely for a fortnight, and under the care of Dr Sides and her sisters, Mesdames McDougall and Lang, appeared to be recovering, but on Tuesday morning she became worse and succumbed. Mrs Dewhurst's death will be universally regretted as she was respected and esteemed by all who knew her and the occurrence is all the more sad from the fact that a young family of six are left without a mother. Mrs Dewhurst was 36 years of age. Her funeral takes place at 10 o'clock this morning. We deeply sympathise with the members of the family in the irrepairable loss they suffered.

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DODS, Emily (1862-1941)
Parents: John Rowe DODS & Mary Waygood HORSINGTON

Source Unknown
Another link with the earlier history of Brunswick was broken when Miss Emily "Dolly" Dods passed away on March 21st last. Miss Dods lived in Brunswick nearly the whole of her life and was well and widely known for her kindness and generosity. But only those intimately associated with her know the full extent of her benevolence.

For some years past Miss Dods had not enjoyed the best of health and her friends were gravely concerned about her condition on several occasions. But she rallied again and again, and was able to take an active part in various works in which she found interest. Only the afternoon before her death she was in the City attending to matters of business. And then without much warning she slipped away quietly and peacefully. She has left a large circle of friends who rejoice in the happy memories she has left behind.

A large number of relatives and friends gathered in the Presbyterian Church on Saturday afternoon, when a short service was held prior to leaving for the place of interment - the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton.

Reference to her gracious life and service was made by the Rev. J. McDougall Forsyth at an "In Memorial" service held in the Brunswick Presbyterian Church on Sunday March 30th. In speaking of Miss Dods association with and service of the Church. Mr. Forsyth reminded the congregation that Miss Dods was the last member, in this church, of a family that in three succeeding generations had made gifts of land for their use. In 1864 Mr. William Dods presented the site on which the old church (Brunswick College) is built.

Later his daughter, Miss Agnes Dods, gave a further piece, and 1906 Miss Emily Dods (grand-daughter) presented part of the site on which the Young Men's Club room is erected. In other ways and at all times, Miss Dods was a cheerful and generous supporter of her church, and other works. She will be greatly missed and lovingly remembered by those who were privileged to know her and work with her. To all relatives we extend sincere