The Chronicle, 2 Nov 2001
Maude as a teenager
Maude, Reg & baby Alma, 1926
Maude with 'Gazam', a prewedding present from Reg McGeorge
Maude (right) with
Maude with her 3 youngest children c. 1948
Maude and family 1992
Maude at granddaughter's christening, 1964
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McGEORGE, Maude Alma (nee HORSINGTON) 1901-2010

Maude McGeorge, the daughter of John Waygood Horsington and Lillian Harriet Coombs, wrote her autobiography at the ripe old age of 96.

"The Wellsinker's Daughter" (download here) covers the period of Maude's early childhood to her marriage to Reg McGeorge in 1922. (See Maroo BDMs for wedding photo]

On 31 October 2001, Maude celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends in Hervey Bay. She received many congratulory wishes from far and wide, including a Letter from the Queen and a
Letter from the Prime Minister.

Maude died in 2010, aged 108. Also see Obituaries M.

Maude and Reg had six children between 1926 and 1946 and lived at "Regleigh", west of Quilpie.

Reg died in 1954 and in 1963, Maude retired to Brisbane.
On 8 July 1938, the Charleville Times reported on a reunion party at "Regleigh" for Maude's mother (Lillian Horsington, nee COOMBS) and aunt (Florence Vigar nee COOMBS) and a source for who was in the area at the time; also see Pioneers Coombs:

"Regeigh" Tennis Party & Dance
Mr. and Mrs. R. MacGeorge
(sic), of "Regleigh," gave a most enjoyable tennis party and dance on June 26th in honour of the reunion of Mrs. MacGeorge's mother, Mrs. J. Horsington, and Mrs. Horsington's sister, Mrs. F. Vigar, of Zanci station, N. S. W.; the two sisters had not met for fifty-eight years. Miss Thelma Pannan, of "Renmark," South Australia, was also a guest of honour.

The guests present were: Mrs. C. Cartwright and family, of "Moothandella"; Mr" Mrs.' and' Master Abbott, of Windorah; Mrs. T. Hackett, Windorah; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hammond and Miss Zella Botman of"Munro"; Mrs. H. Robinson and Miss F. Robinson, "Thylungra"; Mr. F. Colls, "Bulgroo"; Messrs. W. and R. Sheean, of Clifton; Mr. Stanton. "Kadaplin"; Mr. and Mrs. T. L. MacGeorge and family, "Lynwood"; Mr. K. Martin. "Moothandella"; Mr. D. Black, "Lynwood"; Messrs. J. Horsington. Snr. and Jnr., "Regleigh"; Mrs. J. Harrington. Matron MacDonald, and Miss Skeehan. of Adavale, arrived by plane during the afternoon. Pilot Shultz made several joy flights, for the interested guests. The Adavale guests returned to their home town just before dusk.

Tennis and rounders were enjoyed by all during the day. The dance was interspersed by items from Mrs. Abbott. Miss Thelma Pannan, Messrs. T. and W. Cartwright. K. Martin, D. Black, and J. Horsington.

A mannequin parade provided much fun and was carried out by Messrs. T. and W. Cartwright and K. Martin.

The guests departed in the early hours of Monday morning.

Everyone present congratulated the congenial host and hostess on the success of this very delightful party. Their hospitality was much appreciated.