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HORSINGTON, John Waygood 1868-1965

Source unknown, c. 1962 "Week's Personality"
The first sheep came to Kyabra from N.S. Wales in 1886. Just a year before that a young man in his late teens had arrived in the South-west from Victoria.

His name was John Waygood Horsington, and today, at the young old age of 94, Mr. Horsington recalls the arrival of these first sheep to Kyabra and all the other history-steeped events of those early days. He remembers gleefully that the first shepherds were aboriginal women. It was their first sight of the animal they called "a monkey," and great was the confusion resulting from the unskilled and often fearful, attentions of these shepherds.

Kyabra, until 1886, was solely a cattle property. It now forms one of the four Thylungra group of properties owned by Australian Estates, and this group forms the largest sheep station in the world.

Mr Horsington has the history and stories of this area at his nimble fingertips. He has been a tank sinker, dam builder, fencer, opal miner and cattle property manager. During the early opal days when towns sprang up around the filds he and a partner dug rich pay loads of opals.

He recalls wryly that during his time as a manager of a cattle property it rained 19 inches in eight years, so it was a case of back to the opals, and of all his activities, he liked opal mining the best.
John W Horsington on his 90th birthday, 24 April 1958
Mr Horsington admits to feeling pretty fit "though not as young" as he used to be. He now lives on grandson's property, Regleigh, about 30 miles from Thylungra. His only complaint was that "the eyes were not so good".

But he then showed the wonderfully carved cane he carved. It was rich with scroll and delicate pattern. He carves for a hobby, so it is strongly suspected that "the eyes" are really very good.

His opinion of the Thylungra sale? "The offering was a pretty good lot of monkeys."

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