Historical Places
Thomas Icely took possession of a land grant of 560 acres in 1829, Coombing Park. In 1838 he requested the Surveyor General to establish the town of Carcoar to provide law, order and services for the district. The town was officially gazetted on 29th August, 1839.

The Colonist, 10 Jun 1840
THE DISTRICT OF CARCOAR.-In pursuance of the declaration made by His Excellency in Council relative to this district, the following notice has been published in The Government Gazette: - " His Excellency the Governor directs it to be notified that in consequence of the disorderly state of the Police District of Carcoart in the counties of Bathurst and Georgiana, all indulgencies to convicts in that district are to be suspended, and no recommendations forwarded for tickets-of-leave; and His Excellency further directs it to be notified that unless good order be restored in that district by the 1st of September, all tickets-of-leave issued for the district will be cancelled, wherever the holders of them may be and that if the district shall continue disturbed, all convict servants assigned in it will be with-drawn on the 1st of November next." A general notice to Magistrates is also published, requesting them, in cases where there are bushrangers in their districts, to swear in as many special constables as may be required, and to call upon all ticket-of-leave holders to assist in the capture. The notice concludes by stating that he will feel himself compelled to withdraw thie assigued servants from any establishment on which it shall be proved that bushrangers have been harboured, or in any way assisted, and that he will cancel all tickets-of-leave held by persons on the same establishment, if upon a full review of the circumstances of the case there shallappear to have been any neglect on the part of the assignees to provide for the proper discipline anid control of their servants, or any omission on the part of the ticket-of-leave holders to afford any information or assisiance in their power which might have been the means of bringing the guilty parties to justice.

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